I feel like I shoud do a big trigger warning 

This will be about POLAND

So if it’s something you don’t wanna listen to, fell free to forget about the existance of this place and take it as a hardcore fairy tale…

There are places all over the world where every day you try to forget

that it’s illegal to decide about your own life.

Ja pierdole jebać ten kraj…

Just look nice

Don’t be too smart

Just don’t scream too loud

Just shut the fuck up and forget

That you don’t have the right to decide about your own body and if someone rapes you –

There is no legal way to get an abortion

Psychological help

And procedures that should protect you from domestic violence in theory might work – but they don’t.





Your fault

Through my fault, through my fault, 

Through my most grievous fault

All this world, all this world needs to burn 

Especialy polish goverment


Today I will pray for

Legal abortion 

And for safe life for a bunch of queers

For people on the move, and for their right 

To go 

Wherever they want

But not to poland please – I don’t wish anyone to live in the place where you can be killed on the street 

For the colour of your skin or for this that you hold a hand of other person that looks like a girl. 

There are places all over the world where the law doesn’t work anymore.

You are waking up in the morning and you hear that abortion is a cruel murder.

Faggots want to rape small children.

That polish Jesus won’t accept refugees.

One more fun-fact from this catolic country.

One more thing

Imagine that this

is the morning after pill

and if I gave it to you

in poland I will spend in prison next 3 years

Haloo oficers!

Oh no… there is no law like that in your world

But 100 kilometers away I’m a criminal.

I don’t want to count how many times

I’ve crossed the border with bag full of medicines.

There is nothing that I can explain better in deutschen Apotheke – than –

Wann war meine letzte Periode?

Each day a small revolution – but in general no more power to fight

These are our lives – but we stopped screaming on the streets about 2 years ago

We are trying to survive

As girls, as queers, as human beings

You will never walk alone… 

but really often I feel there is no one to stand behind our back.

Please – don’t forget about us

Please make this loud!

Please support your local girls and queer gang – also this polish one! 

At the end I want to say something to my friends

Across the border

For those people who have to fight each day

Let’s show them that we stand together!

Hej dziewczyny! Krzyczymy dla was. 

Bo liczy sie każdy i liczy się każda 

Pomoc wzajemna

Garstka wsparcia

Pięść zaciśnięta 

I nie ważne czy na ulicy w warszawie czy w pograniczu w czynszowych mieszkaniach

Patriarchat ma wypierdalać

Siostry, lesby terrorystki, matki, córki, wojowniczki i osoby wojownicze

To dla was 

To na was liczę

Ambasady zapalmy jak znicze

Nożem do tapet jak nadgarstki tnijmy granice 

No borders 

Dzisiaj jeszcze stoję 

Dzisiaj jeszcze tańczę 

Dzisiaj jeszcze krzyczę